Why was Camila crowned? Will she be called the "queen"?

Is the coronation of Camilla Rosemary correct, is she the new queen?


On Saturday, Camilla became the twenty-ninth queen consort to be crowned in Westminster Abbey. Queen Camilla? Technically, yes. Of Fact, if a male ruler is married when he ascends the throne, his wife She is traditionally anointed and crowned in a brief ceremony.

Like her husband, the Archbishop of Canterbury anointed her with oil. sacred, this time without linen, demonstrating the different nature of anointing of a groom compared to a reigning king.

The guardian of the jewel house then presented the wife's ring, which symbolized his promise and commitment, "marrying" her to the king, to God and with his people.

She was then crowned with Queen Mary's crown, marking the first time in Recent history that did not make a new crown specifically for the occasion.

When Queen Mary paid for the silver crown in 1911, her intention was to serve as a permanent crown for future spouses. Camila chose wearing Queen Mary's crown, a decision made "in the interests of the sustainability and efficiency," the palace said.

There was always a certain subtlety in Camilla's title, especially if she was she knew it as Regina because she was destined for Charles' first wife, Reveille.

When Camilla married Charles in 2005, it was announced that she would be known as the "princess consort", although she was entitled to the title of queen. But the Queen Elizabeth II stepped in to change that in the last year before her death.

Many wives of a reigning monarch have often received the title of queen, the most recent example being Elizabeth II's mother, Queen Elizabeth.

"It makes sense to refer to Her Majesty as Queen Consort in the early days. months of Her Majesty's reign, to distinguish her from Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II," the source added.

"The coronation is an opportune time to start using the 'Queen.' Camila' in an official capacity," the royal source said. "All the former consorts of Queens are known as 'queens.'"

The British royal family has a complex structure of princes, dukes and counts that clearly dictates who can ascend the throne and in what order.

Charles became the new king of Great Britain after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96. And now Prince William, the Charles' eldest son, he is the heir to the throne.

Here's a helpful guide to who's who in the ruled House of Windsor. by Elizabeth II until her death at age 96, and where they line up for the throne.

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