They suspect that the act that killed 8 immigrants with a car was intentional

The driver who killed eight migrants, mostly Venezuelans, is Mexican


Full of tattoos all over the body, with bruises and signs of bumps, George Alvarez, a Mexican national, is in police custody in a hospital and, according to the videos, is responsible for the deaths of 8 migrants and 5 seriously injured on the bus. stop near a shelter in Brownsville, Texas.

Authorities are investigating whether Alvarez is part of a criminal organization because of a series of tattoos similar to those worn by gang members.

"He said he was wrongfully arrested at age 17 after the Brownsville Police Department beat him and falsely accused him of assaulting a police officer. He served 4 years in prison when a supposed video that would prove his innocence."

His SUV-model pickup truck is being examined by investigators. The Brownsville police investigator Martin Sandoval said the The injured were transported to local hospitals and that one of the victims she was flown to Valley Baptist Harlingen.

Alvarez reportedly refused to cooperate. According to information from the mayor Trey Mendez, the migrants involved stayed at the migrant center of Ozanam, located very close to the enclosure.

"We were given several names there," he said, and is waiting for the footprints to be made fingerprints match. "The toxicology results of the blood test it can take weeks," he added of Alvarez's condition.

It was later confirmed that the person driving the car had He ran a red light and was speeding, then climbed onto the sidewalk and He ran over the migrants.

So far it is not known why he ran over the migrants or if he was drunk when he ran them over.

Lieutenant Martin Sandoval, of the aforementioned police, assured a Local television that the outrage is under investigation, which does not rule out that it may be intentional.

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