Influencer records himself doing a challenge and dies

Influencer dies after livestream how he drank bottles of liquor Chinese Baijiu


An influencer died shortly after livestreaming several bottles of hard liquor on China's version of TikTok, state media reported of the country, in an event that could reignite debates on how regulate industry.

Influencer "Sanqiange" was found dead hours after broadcasting his participation in a contest with another influencer involving drinking Baijiu, a Chinese alcoholic beverage with a typical alcohol content of between 30% and 60%, according to Shanyou News.

A friend of his told the newspaper that Sanqiange participated in a challenge in line known as "PK" against another influencer in the early hours of May 16 and broadcast the results live on his Doujin channel.

PK challenges consist of one-on-one battles in which influencers compete to win prizes and gifts from viewers, which they often involves a punishment for the loser (apparently, in this case, drinking Baijiu).

"I don't know how much he consumed before seeing the concert. But in the latter part of the video, I saw him finish three bottles before starting the fourth," he said. friend, identified only as Zhao, in Shangyou. News.

"PK games ended around 1am and around 1pm When his family found him, he was dead," he added.

Wang, described by Zhao as a "decent and simple" person, recorded himself. He also participated in similar drinking contests and published them in the application.

Wang's death threatens to fuel debate over regulating industry, which has attracted the attention of the authorities in recent years due to the luxurious lifestyle of some streamers and the extravagant challenges in which they participate.

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