Russia shoots down unidentified object

Russian Air Force claims to have shot down a UFO near the Sea of Azov

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

The Russian army has been the protagonist of one of the most discussed stories of recent years, the infamous invasion of Ukraine, but it seems that it does not end There, because now they are also protagonists, reports that seem to come out of a movie. which claims that a nearby spacecraft crashed into the Sea of Azov and raises alarms around the world.

The Sea of Azov is a sea of Eastern Europe connected to the Black Sea by the Kerch Strait, so Russian forces on the western border of Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula have almost exclusively that great mass of water near which they claim to have shot down the UFO on January 3.

Vasily Golubev wrote on Telegram that a "small object with ball shape" floating over the town of Sultan Sala in the district of Myasnikovsky and even confirmed that the "UFO", as it is called in the Official reports, it was almost two and a half kilometers high.

The situation has generated alarm throughout Russia over the ongoing war with Ukraine, but Golubev urged people to remain calm and assured the locals that "the sky is covered with anti-aircraft defenses."

Since the beginning of the war, many explosions and fires in places The strategic figures inside Russia have been attributed to Ukrainian drones, so It is not ruled out that it is another drone, but it would not coincide with the description given of the object and the authorities have not yet done so. for provide more information.

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