James Cameron confirms that Avatar 2 is profitable and gives the 'green light' for more sequels

It is confirmed that the sequels of Avatar will satisfy the profitability of the saga with "The Way Of Water"

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The goal has been achieved. 'Avatar: The Way Of Water' has become a profitable film, so we can already think of more Na'vi sequels in Pandora.

James Cameron's film has already surpassed $1.5 billion in box office, becoming the best opening of 2022 and entering the top of The most profitable films in history.

Weeks before the film's release, the director had warned that his History was at very high risk due to the high budget with which account and that the box office results should reflect the search for aftermath.

However, less than a month after its premiere, the director himself has already confirmed that the profitability of this new work will ensure the completion of at least the 3rd and 4th part of the story.

"It looks like with the momentum of the movie right now, it will recover. easily in the next few days, so it seems that you will not be able to get away with the his. I'm going to have to do these other sequels." .. I know what I'm going to do for the next six or seven years "What matters is that everything will be Not bad. I'm sure we'll soon talk to the folks at Disney about the game plan for Avatar 3, we've already captured and photographed the entire movie, so we're in full post-production doing all that magic computer-generated. "And then avatars 4 and 5 are written. Also We have about 4. We started a franchise at this point."

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