They began to dismantle a World Cup stadium in Qatar

Start of the dismantling of one of the stadiums where the Qatar World Cup

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The quarterfinalsof the Qatar World Cupwill begin in the coming days, But one of the stadiums that was used for the competition has already begun to be Dismantled.

One of the curiosities of the World Cup is that the government of Qatar has Begun to dismantle one of the stadiums used for the tournament. The The place in question isStadium 974, which was built with containers of transport to be more environmentally friendly. This is because The Cup final is only 9 games away, so you won't need your presence.

It is one of the 3 stadiums that will be dismantled after the completion of the competition. This is done with the aim of building green spaces and Leisure for the inhabitants of the city, since it is a space close to the beach and to the port. It's also not a huge waste, as it can be reused. 974 materials to rebuild elsewhere if necessary.

The last match played there wasBrazil's 4-1 victory over Koreain the knockout stages; A match that will be remembered by the different Celebrations that South American players have had

The Qatar World Cup is proving to be a very exciting tournament due to the incredible results obtained in recent weeks.

The reality is that this World Cup is quite special because it will be the last in have the classic format with a group stage of 3 matches and then the Eighth-finals. Indeed, FIFA will include more teams in the World Cup of 2026, which will be held in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

However, the curious thing about Qatar is that only 8 stadiums have been designated for play all 64 matches throughout the World Cup. And the concrete thing is that each court He resisted in a very surprising way, because we believed that with so many matches the court would have been very deteriorated.

As reported by Marca, the screens and railings that surroundedEstádio 974already were withdrawn. So in the next few daysthey will finish withdrawing it for complete.

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