Iranian soccer players and relatives threatened with arrest after loss to the US

Iranian footballers could be fined or jailed after defeat to USA in Qatar 2022

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Iran's complicated socio-political situation is no mystery to anyone. So many closely followed the trip of the Iranian football team during theQatar 2022 World Cup, a trip that ended after the 0-1 defeat against United States.

After a tough 6-2 loss to the British, Iran bravely faced to Wales and won the victory with two goals that leave their future indefinite in a match full of political tensions like the one played at the Al stadium Thumama to the United States.

Amid great social unrest in Iran, the players of his national team ended up losing the opportunity to qualify for the knockout stages of the World and Mike Baker, a former CIA covert operations officer, He spoke about what might happen to them.

"Given what we have seen from the Iranian regime ... have proven to be brutal and have not been brutal. There is reason to believe that they will suddenly become rational," the former explained. CIA man.

But not everything is opinions of third parties, the families of some players They alsobecame pre-game threatsif players didn't "They were well-behaved" and, according to a CNN report, players were expected to meet safely afterwards. of the match against England.

Baker said the Iranian team could face fines or even jail after Tuesday's defeat when they return home, including coach Carlos Queiroz, who has said he will consider his future after the elimination.

The former undercover operations officer added that he believes it is very important. Many players are likely to end up fleeing to other countries, especially those who play outside Iran or have connections in Iran, Europe or the Rest of the country.

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