Dozens of homosexual priests denounce the homophobia of the Church in an open letter

A large number of openly gay Italian priests speak out Against the homophobia of the Church


ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Fifty Italian priests launched an appeal against the "internalized homophobia" established within the Catholic Church, in the that "silence seems to be the only way to survive."

"There are homophobic homosexual priests, who express the conflict they carry. inside; Do not express peace, but live a dystonic ministry suffocating your to be with clericalism."

In an open letter, revealed this week byDomani, but circulating from September in various ecclesiastical circles of the country, the signatories make publicize the claim of its place in the institution and, at the same time, denounce the obstacles to their mere existence, both within the structure as in training.

Thus, in With all the heart, the signatories reveal the existence of projects aimed at eliminating all traces of homosexuality in seminaries and to promote sexual morality without content in the training centres of the future priests. a position far removed from that proposed by the Pope Francis, but who finds much echo in traditionally Christian countries, such as Italy or Spain, where there is also an axis of collaboration between the ecclesiastical hierarchy and the political extreme right.

Clerics speak openly of hatred of the homosexual world inoculated in the seminars, and the "social prejudices" that also dot the last Vatican documents, with an almost obsessive reference to the "ideology of gender", which has multiplied since Giorgia's time. Meloni arrived at the power.

"We cannot talk openly about our homosexual orientation with our family or friends, let alone with other priests or committed laity," These priests complained in the letter, which shocked the Catholic world. Italian.

The reality of the Italian clergy is similar to that experienced in other contexts, such as Spanish, where several studies (none official) suggest that at least One priest and religious in ten has a different sexual orientation than defined as "normal". for the institution, and many are those who feel Alone and abandoned, and not only because of their sexual condition.

With worrying data, in particular with regard to the syndrome of burn-out or "burned priests" in the Church. Thus, 9% of the French clergy admits to being depressed and up to 40% say they have a conflict with the hierarchy or a heavy workload. And it is that the risk of exhaustion is a reality among priests and religious, especially Europeans. The report French reveals that two out of five priests abuse alcohol and that 8% They are addicted.

"Often, people are forced to deny themselves on behalf of a hypocritical spirituality with devastating effects. We hear stories of consecrated torn by a sense of guilt to the point of abandoning priestly life and, in some cases, committing suicide: a terrible temptation also for some of us", say the Italian priests in his writings.

Last August, Bergoglio "blessed" Martin's work, encouraging him to "overcome barriers" to"realize that there are more things that unite us than the ones that separate us." Something that, unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of Catholics LGTBI+ around the world still cannot live normally. Some of they even priests.

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