Will Smith talks about the hit on Chris Rock

Will Smith talks for the first time about what happened to Chris Rock

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Will Smith returns to the spotlight as he speaks for the first time in eight months about his slap in the face of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.

The actor was invited to 'The Daily Show' along with Trevor Noah, to talk about his new film 'Enmacipation'. However, the conversation turned to the incident that ruined the career of 'The Prince of Rap'.

"It was a horrible night, as you can imagine. It has many nuances and Complexities. But in the end, simply... I lost, you know?" Smith explained what which happened at the Oscars ceremony.

In addition, he explained that this is an event where you sit with strangers to your around and everyone goes through different problems or situations that they don't You are aware and, "I was going through something that night. You know? Not that tolerate my behavior, not at all."

Will added that he got carried away by his feelings that night and ended up being "A wounded person who hurts others."

"There were a lot of things. He is the boy who saw his father beat his mother. All It happened at that time. He's not who I want to be."

Noah, the show's host, told Will Smith that he heard a lot of negative opinions the next day about what had happened" a friend he also called me and said, 'I think we've been seeing the real Will. Smith for a while.'"

About the movie 'Emancipation', the actor revealed that "what kills me is that A masterpiece, which could be one of the best works of the lives of many artists, be tainted by a horrible decision on my part. I hope you be honest."

He also reflected that he must forgive himself as a human being and humble yourself to realize that you are an imperfect human being and still have the opportunity to go out into the world and show that you can be good and help other.

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