Three children and 15 adults injured in Chicago shooting

15 people, including 3 children, injured in a shooting in Chicago at night Halloween

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Some 15 people, including three children, were wounded by gunfire from a moving vehicle onHalloweennight against a crowd in a Corner of a Chicago street, police said Tuesday.

Police Chief David Brown said the injured children were3, 11 and 13. years. The other Monday night victims are adults in their30s and 60s. years, and a woman fleeing the scene was hit by a vehicle while driving in traffic, police said. She was hospitalized and her Health was good.

Filming began around9:30 p.m. and lasted a few seconds. The Police security cameras captured the scene, which investigators said. They are investigating.

Initial reports indicate that at least two people fired shots indiscriminately against the crowd.

Brown said late Monday that there were no known disputes around the corner. on the corner. He added that there were large groups of people around the corner from the corner, which is a regular meeting place for neighbors, some of whom They apparently attended a wake.

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