The United States evaluates the possibility of resuming the visa in Cuba

U.S. Prepares for Full Resumption of Cuba Visas

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

U.S. officials will visit Cuba this week to prepare for the full resumption of immigration visas for Cubans in early 2023 amid migration exodus facing island, department said of State.

U.S. consular services in Havana began reactivate in a "gradual" and "limited" way last May, after being suspended in 2017, when the embassy denounced "sonic attacks" that They would affect the health of diplomats and officials.

The Under Secretary for Consular Affairs of the Department of State, Rena Bitter, will be in the Cuban capital with the director of the Citizenship and Immigration, Mendoza Jaddou, to speak with his counterparts," about resuming full immigration visa processing for early 2023," the State Department said in a statement. Press conference posted Monday on his website.

The recent resumption in this representation will also be discussed. Diplomacy of so-called "conditional" licenses for reunification familiar.

A record 224,000 Cubans entered the United States illegally in one year, according toU.S. Customs and Border Protection data in October. A number well above the 39,000 of the previous year.

Cuba faces its worst economic crisis in three decades with shortages of food, medicine, fuel and daily power outages, amid the tightening of the U.S. embargo, which will last more than six decades, and The effects ofthe coronavirus pandemic.

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