Shakira will no longer appear in the debut in Qatar

At the last moment, Shakira cancels her opening performance of the World Cup Qatar

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

On November 20, the world will stop to realize the beginning of the Qatar's main month-long sporting event, host in 2022, will be at the point of view and many expected to see Shakira on its opening day, but the Media reports that he canceled his performance.

Apparently, the criticism made about the celebration of the World Cup in Qatar caused some artists to withdraw and reject their presence in the Opening ceremony. Dua Lipa and Rod Stewart are among those who have Waived from performance.

"They confirmed that Shakira will not perform at the opening ceremony, but I do not confirm that he will have a role throughout the World Cup," said Adriana Dorronsoro, reporter for the Spanish program Telecinco.

Now the media ask the Colombian artist to issue a statement official"Your name was his as a guest artist, now you will have to send a Statement explaining everything, it is not worth what the media says, "condemned the Spanish journalists.

Qatar is a country that restricts women's rights, promotes laws that criminalize LGBTI relationships. It was found that migrant workers Responsible for the construction of the stadiums were ill-treated, some even losing his life.

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