Riots at the world's largest iPhone factory

iPhone production under threat after factory protests Foxconn's largest in Zhengzhou

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Videos recorded atFoxconn's factory in Zhengzhoubegin spread on social networks. These are violent protests by the workers of what is the largestiPhonefactory on the planet. The Apple's production of this flagship product is in grave danger.


According to the BBC, they protest against the appalling conditions in which they are forced to work. They are isolated in the factory due to the strict China's Covid 0 policy, but, as one worker in one of The videos: "They quarantine us, but they don't feed us."

At Foxconn, there are regular workers who were forced to stay inside the factory when an outbreak of COVID-19 broke out, and new ones that They signed up with the promise of a bonus they would not accept. apparently he does not receive. Hence the protests during which the Workers did not hesitate to confront the police.

According to many testimonials on social networks, workers have to Living inside the factory in unsanitary conditions and without food. Neither They received the extra money promised. Many just want to take their money and Go home.

Workers say there is no control and Covid patients who do not mix They can be discharged with healthy workers. The concern that the iPhone production does not stop and the much-criticizedCovid 0policy have led the Chinese authorities into a spiral of madness.


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