Qatar bans the sale of beer in World Cup stadiums

Qatar bans the sale of alcohol in all stadiums where the World Cup 2022

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The sale of all alcoholic beer in the eightWorld Cupstadiums was banned on Friday, just two days before the start of the tournament in Qatar. 12 years after the country agreed to abide by trade agreements ofFIFA.

"Following discussions between the host country authorities and FIFA, decision taken to concentrate the sale of alcoholic beverages in FIFA Fan Festival, at other fan hangouts and venues authorized, and remove beer from the perimeter of the stadiums. FIFA said. in a statement.

In the VIP areas of the stadiums you can serve champagne, wine, whiskey and others Alcohol. Outside these spaces, the Budweiser beer of the Official sponsor was the only type of alcohol allowed for ticket buyers.

AB InBev is paying tens of millions of dollarsin World Cups for the exclusive rights to sell beer and already shipped most of its products from Britain to Qatar, hoping to sell them to millions of fans. . The company's contract with FIFA began after the 1986 tournament and are in talks to renew the agreement for the nextWorld Cup in North America.

Thanks togas and oil, Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. It follows Wahhabism, an ultraconservative form of Islam, as does its neighboring Saudi Arabia. However, for years it has allowed the sale of Alcohol in hotel bars.

WhenQatarlaunched its bid to host the World Cup, the country accepted FIFA's requirements regarding the sale of alcohol in the Stadiums. He also did this when he signed contracts after winning the Survey in 2010.

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