Deadly Listeria Epidemic Erupts in 6 US States Linked to Sausage and Cheese

U.S. listeria outbreak causes deaths and hospitalizations sausages and cheeses

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

A deadly listeria outbreak in six states has been linked to meats and meats. contaminated cheeses, the Centers for Control and the U.S. Disease Prevention

A total of 16 people were infected and13 were hospitalized, according to reports from six states. One deathwas reported in Maryland; another person became ill during pregnancy and lost the baby, the CDC said in a statement.

People at high risk of becoming seriously ill due to infection for listeria, such as pregnant women, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems, should not eat meat or cheese from any Cured meat without first heating it "very hot," he suggests. agency.

To date, seven Listeria infections have been reported in New York, three in Maryland, two in Illinois, two in Massachusetts, one in California and one in New Jersey. Those infected were between 38 and 92 years old, with an age average of 74 years. More than half of the patients were men.

Most of the people identified in the outbreak so far are of origin Eastern European or Russian-speaking, the CDC said, adding that the agency It is still investigating why the outbreak appears to affect in a way disproportionate to this population.

Some infected people who got sick may have recovered without medical treatment and therefore their cases have not been reported.

"The actual number of patients in this outbreak is likely to exceed the number of patients. reported and the outbreak may not be limited to states with known diseases," the CDC added.

If you bought cheese or meat, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the refrigerator and any container or surface which has been in contact with the meat, or The cheese with warm water and soap.

"Call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of severe Listeria after eating meat or cheese from a deli," the CDC said.

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