$1,116 million in intercepted cocaine entering Chile

They intercept bus with $ 1,116 million in cocaine entering Chile.

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein

Several media, such asBíoBíoChile, reported the shocking news occurred in the National Customs, in the advance of Quillagua, 234 kilometers to the south of Iquique.

There they stopped a bus with55 kilos and 800 grams of cocaine hydrochloridethat It was hidden in the structure of the means of transport, which traveled from the Bolivian city of Oruro towards Antofagasta.

Customs agents found a total of 53 packages covered with tape and containing a total of 55 kilograms and 800 grams of hydrochloride High purity cocaine, with a value of 1,116 million pesos in the market illicit.

The Regional Director of Customs of Iquique, Cristian Molina Silva, said that Detection was achieved thanks to the risk profile and the use of non- Invasive.

"With the scanner truck it was possible to verify the presence of several packages. hidden in the structure, so we proceeded to the intervention," he said. the official.

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