Victory for Alma Rosa at Delaware Park, filly of Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein

Gelfenstein Farm Alma Rosa Crowned White Clay Creek Stakes Champion

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Alma Rosa, a filly trained by B.G. López at Gelfenstein Farm, accompanied by her jockey Jaime Rodríguez, by the hand of Iván Rodríguez Gelfenstein, provided a great show with the victory of the White Clay Creek Stakes (Black Type), this 14/10/2022 in Delaware Park

After a secondary finish over Dirt in the sorority last out, two-year-old Alma Rosa, daughter of Sharp Azteca, took her record to 2 wins, 2 seconds in 4 starts, obtaining a victory of 3 1/4 in length in the White Clay Creek Stakes of $ 100,000, with this triumph Alma Rosa is in the pre-entry of the breeders cup for two-year-old mares

Gelfenstein led Sharp Azteca to nearly $900,000 in career earnings, its biggest win in 20 years, and now that thoroughbred is the mother of Alma Rosa, his biggest source of income this year.

Commentators on the official EquiBase website tell what happened in the middle of the race that culminates with the victory of Alma Rosa

ALMA ROSA raced on the third route around the first corner, chased the first on the back straight, duelled on the upper straight and cleared late.

CRYPTO MAMA raced back and forth at turn one, led the field on the back straight, fought to save ground at the opposite corner and retired late on the top straight.

GIRL TROUBLE saved some ground in the first round, followed the first ones back, continued to gain ground in the far corner and was defeated in the stretch that ended in a draw.

FABULOUS CANDY ran route five to turn one, continued behind the lines in the middle of the group on the outside, took the furthest corner of route three, began to approach the fourth privileged position and gained ground on the track.

BEAUTIFUL AND BOLD ran the pass through the half-mile gap, turned the far corner on both roads, and passed exhausted horses on the stretch.

ALWAYS ANGELS raced in the path of sesto around the first corner, chased the leader outward on the opposite straight, duelled two laps from the corner and disappeared on the track.

CLASSIC VINYL ran on the fourth route around the first corner, entered midfield from outside to run with the straight behind, ran the far lap from third and made no bets.

EL RUBIO SAMARITANO followed the field as he ran through the half-mile opening, running back and forth on the longest corner.

ISTRIA saved some ground at the first corner, ran behind the peloton in the final stage, continued to gain ground in the last corner and was empty in the final stage.

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