Liz Truss warns of 'tough times ahead'

Liz Truss after resigning at the beginning of the mandate warns of difficult times


British Prime Minister Liz Truss wants to "be honest" with citizens about the "difficult times" ahead, according to a reading of a meeting she held with cabinet members on Tuesday.

According to the reading, Truss opened the meeting "reiterating that the government has been very quick with the mini-budget and that has been exacerbated by global factors with rising inflation around the world."

Truss told cabinet members that he "wanted to be honest with the public that times were going to be tough, but if we address long-standing issues now, we can put the country on a stronger path for the future."

His comments follow another chaotic day in British politics, in which the Prime Minister's leadership was questioned by some of his colleagues, following another twist in the government's mini-budget by new finance minister Jeremy Hunt.

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