Orlene becomes a Category 4 hurricane off Mexico

Hurricane Orlene Rises to Category 4 En Route to Western Mexico

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Category 4 Hurricane Orlene is rapidly intensifying and approaching western Mexico, where it is expected to cause life-threatening flooding, according to the National Hurricane Center.

According to the Mexican agency CONAGUA, Orlene is expected to reach the coast of mainland Mexico on the night of Monday 10-3-2022, arriving south of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, where deadly flooding is a concern.

Orlene's sustained wind speed has increased since Saturday night, when the storm had a Category 2 intensity.

"Further strengthening is expected this morning, followed by weakening starting today and continuing toward the coast," the hurricane center said Sunday.

Orlene is expected to produce heavy rain, storms and landslides along Mexico's west coast. Forecasts also indicate that the region will experience 3 to 5 inches (76 to 127 mm) of rain, with local amounts up to 10 inches (254 mm).

A hurricane is in effect on the coast of mainland Mexico from Playa Perula to San Blas and from Mazatlan to Tempehuaya Bay, including the city of Puerto Vallarta.

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