North Korea warns it will continue to fire missiles if US intervenes

North Korea Confirms Japan Tests of Missiles to 'Eliminate' Enemies

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North Korea's recent missile launches were tests of its tactical nuclear weapons to 'hit and eliminate' potential south Korean and U.S. targets, state media said on Monday, as its leader Kim reported. Jong Un.

"Through seven tactical nuclear operations unit launch exercises, the true warfare capabilities of combat forces ready to strike and eliminate marked targets anytime, anywhere were fully demonstrated," the agency said. Korea News Center.

The official agency added that the missile tests followed recent naval exercises between U.S. and South Korean forces, in which the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan participated for the first time in five years.

North Korea sees these drills as proof of invasion, though allies have reiterated that they are defensive in nature. Since a new conservative government took power in Seoul in May, the U.S. and South Korean militaries have expanded their exercises, which have been scaled back due to the pandemic and have now stalled nuclear diplomacy between Pyongyang and Washington.

Concerns about North Korea's nuclear program have risen in recent months after the country passed a law allowing for the preemptive use of its bombs in certain cases and reportedly began deploying tactical nuclear weapons along the border. with North Korea.

Some experts say Kim Jong Un wants to use his advanced nuclear arsenal to get the United States to recognize North Korea as a legitimate nuclear state, which Kim considers crucial if they want to lift the U.N.'s stifling sanctions against his country.

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