At least 3 people killed in suicide attack on Crimean bridge

At least three people were killed in the blast that destroyed the bridge connecting Russia and Crimea.

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

The explosion of a truck bomb and the burning of several fuel tanks of a freight train that circulates on the rail of the bridge, in the event killed at least three people, as confirmed by the Russian authorities to the Russian agency Interfax, which claimed to have identified the owner of the truck bomb that caused the explosion.

The fire on the track reportedly started in a tanker truck and spread to other adjacent trucks, causing serious damage to railway infrastructure. The accident occurred after six o'clock in the morning and resulted in the total paralysis of road and rail traffic.

The owner of the tank is said to live in the Krasnodar region of southern Russia. "An investigation has been opened in his place of residence. The truck's route and relevant documents are under review," the researchers added.

While moscow specifies whether it is a fortuitous accident or an "act of sabotage," the adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, Mikhail Podoliak, writes on Twitter that "Crimea, the bridge, This is the beginning. It is illegal to be destroyed, everything stolen must be returned to Ukraine, everything occupied by Russia must be expelled."

The Russian Investigative Committee (SK) has announced the start of a criminal case for the explosion of the aforementioned truck. President Vladimir Putin, who celebrated his 70th birthday yesterday, ordered an investigation.

Crimean authorities believe Ukraine is behind what happened. The speaker of Crimea's parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, accused the "Ukrainian bandits."

There were repeated threats from Kiev to attack the Kerch Bridge. In August, Podoliak said this infrastructure "is a legitimate military target, as it constitutes the main supply route for the Russian army" in Crimea and, from the peninsula, to Ukraine's Kherson region.

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