US urges citizens to leave Russia 'immediately'

The Americans must leave Russia immediately.


The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has issued a security advisory urging U.S. citizens in Russia to leave that country "immediately" and not travel there due to the growing tension in relations between the two nations over the crisis in Ukraine.

"U.S. citizens are not required to travel to Russia and those residing in or traveling to Russia must leave Russia immediately, while business travel options remain limited," the document says.

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The warning clarifies that Vladimir Putin's government may refuse to grant U.S. citizenship to dual nationals, who can be conscripted into Russian military service to support war work with Ukraine.

"On September 21, the Russian government initiated a mobilization of its citizens into the armed forces in support of the invasion of Ukraine. Russia can refuse to recognize dual nationals as U.S. citizens, deny them access to U.S. consular assistance, prevent their departure from Russia, and recruit dual nationals for military service.

The document posted on the U.S. diplomatic site indicates that the options Americans have to leave Russia are "limited" and they should do so "as soon as possible."

The statement warns Americans that freedom of expression is not guaranteed in Russia, so they are urged to refrain from taking photographs and organizing political and social protests.

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