Two children found dead in suitcases in New Zealand

Two children found dead in suitcases bought at an auction of unclaimed goods

R. Gelfenstein - The bodies of two children were found in unclaimed suitcases purchased at auction. So far, reports indicate that the children's father died of cancer before his wife left for South Korea.

The boy and girl were believed to be between five and 10 years old when they died four years before they were found on August 11 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The objects inside the bags are studied to try to identify them. The remains were found when a family in south Auckland opened their bags at their home after buying them last week.

"The nature of this finding adds some complexity to the investigation, mainly because of the time elapsed between the time of death and the time of discovery," he added.

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Police in New Zealand and South Korea are now searching for the children's mother after discovering the couple's father died of cancer in 2017. She is missing but is believed to have fled to the Asian country in 2018. Children should be dead.

Police confirmed they knew the children's identities, but gave no details for legal reasons.

Vaaelua said the coroner had issued an interim confidentiality order at the family's request. He noted, "This order conceals the names of the children and their families and evidence that could lead to the identification of the two victims."

"The investigation team is working hard to hold the person or persons responsible for the death of these children accountable," Vaaelua added.

He added that CCTV cameras will be analyzed, but admitted that police faced a major challenge due to the time the bodies had been stored.

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