Tensions rise between the Koreas due to nuclear conflicts

Seoul warns North Korea will self-destruct if it uses nuclear weapons

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R. Gelfenstein — South Korea warned North Korea on Tuesday that using its nuclear weapons would put it on a "path of self-destruction" in unusually harsh language.

The statement came just days after North Korea passed a new law that would allow it to use its nuclear weapons preemptively.

"We warn that the North Korean government will face an overwhelming response from the US-South Korean military alliance and will follow a path of self-destruction if it attempts to use nuclear weapons," said Moon Hong Sik, acting spokesman for the ministry. he told reporters.

To prevent North Korea from using its nuclear weapons, the ministry said South Korea would dramatically increase its preemptive strikes, missile defense and massive retaliatory capability, while seeking greater U.S. security involvement.

The legislation will allow North Korea to use its nuclear weapons if its leaders face imminent attack or intend to avert an unspecified "catastrophic crisis" for its people.

The vague text has raised concerns that the rules are widely conceived as a legal basis for the preemptive use of its nuclear weapons to deter rivals from making concessions amid long-obsessed diplomacy over its weapons arsenal.

At the parliamentary meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said in a speech that his country would never give up the nuclear weapons it needs to deal with U.S. threats.

Kim has accelerated weapons tests at a record pace this year, launching dozens of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles against the United States and South Korea. For months, U.S. and South Korean officials have said North Korea could also carry out its first nuclear strike. trial in five years.

Since taking office in May, South Korea's new conservative government, headed by President Yoon Suk Yeol, has said it will take a tougher stance against North Korea's provocation, but has also offered massive support if the North denuclearizes.

He has been credited with organizing nuclear diplomacy now stalled between Pyongyang and Washington, but has also been criticized for giving Kim Jong Un time to perfect weapons technology while enjoying a prominent position on the world stage.

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