Symptoms of Tik Tok addiction, new studies

New study identifies "TikTok addiction" and symptoms that show users can have it

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R. Gelfenstein - In addition, the study points out that while there are similarities between the addiction process that occurs on Facebook and TikTok, there are significant differences in the manifestation, predictors and intensity of use associated with an addiction: average use versus problematic use.

Troy Smith of the University of Trinidad and Tobago analyzed data from 354 students, including 173 TikTok users and 313 Facebook users.

Facebook users completed a questionnaire called the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale, which measures the six building blocks of addiction: mood modification, tolerance, withdrawal, conflict, and relapse.

On the Facebook dependency scale, the criteria are: having obsessive thoughts about Facebook, feeling an increasing need to use Facebook, trying unsuccessfully to reduce Facebook usage, being restless or upset when "Facebook is forbidden to use."

For this study, a version of the scale was adapted in which the word "Facebook" was replaced by "TikTok".

Users who scored higher on this scale used TikTok more intensely, and while the majority of users (68.2%) rated them as "safe" for TikTok addiction, 25.4% of them considered them "low" risk, classifying 6.4% as "at risk."

"While most users seem to use TikTok seamlessly, the study shows that there is a risk of overuse and possible problematic use, and it is associated with addictive behaviors that can negatively affect people's everyday lives. blacksmith

The most definitive signs of addiction, according to Dr. Smith, are that the user is nervous, irritable, anxious or has strong feelings of sadness when deprived of access to the social network.

"We have been forced to live in an exclusively online world, both in our work and in our personal lives. Social media like TikTok has become a form of escape for many, especially the younger generation," says Nuno Albuquerque, the UK's leading addiction treatment consultant.

"We know this because we treat people for social media and internet addictions and we've seen firsthand an increase in the number of people we treat since 2020."

In a statement, TikTok said, "We are focused on supporting the well-being of our community so that they feel in control of their TikTok experience. We took steps like proactively posting streaming reminders for breaks on our app."

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