Suspected in the death of Russian tanker Ravil Maganov

Russian tanker that criticized the war in Ukraine dies suspiciously after falling out of the window of a Moscow hospital

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

R. Gelfenstein - Ravil Maganov, president of Lukoil, a Russian oil giant, which criticized President Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine, died Thursday after falling from the window of Moscow's Central Clinical Hospital.

The company issued a statement Thursday confirming the death of Maganov, 67, "following a serious illness," but did not specify the cause.

"Ravil Maganov has contributed greatly to the development not only of the company, but of the entire oil and gas sector of Russia," the statement said.

According to NBC News, it has not been verified how he died. The hospital declined to comment and passed the comments on to police, who declined to comment.

The company's board called for an end to the war in early March, just days after the large-scale invasion of neighboring Russia.

"By calling for a speedy end to the armed conflict, we express our deepest sympathy for all the victims affected by this tragedy," reads a statement from his lawyer.

Moscow's Central Clinical Hospital often serves Russia's political and commercial elites, and is where the last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, died earlier this week.

His death was surprising given the company's opposition to the war and similar unexplained deaths in recent years.

One example was Alexander Subbotin, former director of Lukoil, who was found dead in his basement on the outskirts of Moscow in May, according to local media.

In November 2021, a Russian diplomat was found dead on the streets of Berlin after falling from an upper floor of the embassy, German newspaper Der Spiegel reported, citing security sources.

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