Russian general captured

A senior Russian general captured by Ukrainian forces is shown.

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

R. gelfenstein - Ukrainian forces have released a video showing Colonel General Andrei Sychevoi kneeling and handcuffed with visible injuries, although his arrest has not been confirmed anywhere.

The military commander was reportedly captured by Ukrainian fighters during a counteroffensive operation in the Kharkiv region.

Rumors began to circulate that the captured colonel was one of Putin's best soldiers, users noticed that Russian lieutenant generals often wear the two stars found on the soldier's uniform.

The crests are clearly visible on his shoulder as Sychevoi, 53, looks straight ahead.

Ukrainian journalist Andrii Tsaplienko comments that soldiers from his country managed to ambush the troops of the SZSHR Special Intervention Unit in Samara.

Reports suggest that General Sychevoi was responsible as commander of the area's "West" group.

Others claimed he tried to escape by trying to convince his captors that he was a low-ranking soldier.

The human rights group Charter 97 called Sychevo a "high-ranking war criminal" who "gives orders during the invasion of Ukraine."

The alleged capture of the 53-year-old has not yet been confirmed by Russian or Ukrainian authorities.

But, if verified, it will be a blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin, amid a series of mistakes made in recent weeks.

Bardin Artem Igorevich, tasked by the Kremlin with overseeing the Ukrainian city of Berdyansk, was killed in the explosion that emitted large clouds of smoke.

Although the Kyiv government has not openly claimed responsibility for the attack, it is believed to have been carried out by Pro-Ukrainian forces.

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