Possible war between Poland and the Kremlin

Polish government warns of serious risk of war with Russia


R. Gelfenstein - Due to the humanitarian aid received to house some 700,000 Ukrainians and its proximity to Kaliningrad, an area where Russia concentrates a fleet of 75 ships and at least four squadrons with 24 Su-27 fighter jets and Su-24 bombers, the government warns of the possibility of war with the Kremlin.

Recently Marcin Ociepa, Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland, gave an interview to the Polish newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, where he explained the importance of being prepared for the changes that occur at the geopolitical level as a result of Vladimir Putin's intentions to expand his territory.

"There is a serious risk of war with Russia in the next three to ten years. Therefore, Poland should use this time to rearm as much as possible," he warned.

Last March, Polish political scientist Piotr Borowski also warned of the risk his country would run if NATO did not halt its advance in Ukraine.

"It's the Russian boot raised against Poland. If Putin decides, in less than a quarter of an hour these missiles can crush major Polish cities," he said in an interview with Spain's Efe news agency.

If the Plans of the Polish militia are consolidated, in 2023 it will acquire 366 Abrams tanks, 32 F-35 fighter jets, 48 FA-50 aircraft, 180 K2 tanks and 648 self-propelled guns.

That is why, next year, as part of their defense strategy, the Polish authorities will allocate an unprecedented budget to strengthen their armed forces.

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