China reacts to Biden's "serious" comments on Taiwan

"Those who play with fire will perish with it," Xi Jinping said ahead of Biden's remarks.



R. Gelfenstein - U.S. President Joe Biden said U.S. forces would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion in his most explicit statement on the subject.

U.S. forces defended the democratically ruled island, saying by China, "Yes, if there really was an unprecedented attack." Biden responded

Relations between Beijing and Washington are increasingly strained, especially after visiting Taiwan of Nancy Peloi, mayor of the US representatives and the key Alliada Biden.

Taiwan's Foreign Ministry thanked Biden for his reaffirmation of a "strong commitment to the U.S. government's security with Taiwan."

Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to put Taiwan under Beijing's control and did not exclude the use of force. Taiwan firmly opposes accusations of Chinese sovereignty.

During a call with Biden in July, Xi warned Taiwan, saying that "those who play with fire will perish with it."

"This is a serious violation of the important commitment of the United States, not to support Taiwan's independence. This sends a bad signal (support) to Taiwan's separatist forces," he said in the Chinese Ministry of Chinese Foreign Ministry.

"We are ready to make the oldest and most sincere efforts to move from the point of view of peaceful reunification," Mao said on Monday. But "we will never tolerate any activity that tries to divide the country and reserve the possibility of taking all necessary measures," he added.

Asked last October if the U.S. could defend Taiwan, that the U.S. is in the hands of the law to provide the means to defend itself, Biden said, "Yes, we are committed to doing."

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