Ukrainian marines manage to kill groups of Russian soldiers

Moment Ukrainian Marines Ambushed and Executed a Group of Russian Soldiers VIDEO

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

R. Gelfenstein - The raw images released show the moment when Ukrainian marines manage to ambush and ambush a group of Russian soldiers, in a video captured by a drone.

The footage shows a group of Russian soldiers approaching a partially destroyed building. They can be seen entering before other soldiers arrive and pile up.

The building was then hit by Ukrainian artillery, causing its explosion and a large plume of smoke in the air.

Later, a lone soldier can be seen fleeing the bombed building. More ammunition hits the ground around the building after the shot is complete.

The footage was obtained from the Separate Marine Corps Battalion of the Ukrainian Naval Forces, along with a statement that read, "We are working according to the old proven pattern: 'Look, shoot!'"

They also said, "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Marines!"

The footage was released by the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, along with a brief statement that the video shows how "the Marines waited for the Russian occupiers to gather in the building and get there."

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