Quarantine is lifted in the United States

U.S. Eliminates COVID Quarantine and Distancing Measures

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also said people should no longer be at least 1.8 meters (6 feet) away from others.

The changes, implemented more than two and a half years after the onset of the pandemic, are due to the recognition that approximately 95% of Americans over the age of 16 have acquired some level of immunity, either by being vaccinated or by having contracted the disease. illness, agency officials said.

"The current conditions of this pandemic are very different from those of the last two years," said Greta Masetti of the CDC, who drafted the guidelines.

Many parts of the country have long lifted social distancing rules and other restrictions that were once common, but some of the changes could be particularly significant for schools, which will resume classes this month in many parts of the country.

It is still recommended to wear masks only in areas where community transmission is considered high or if a person is considered to be at high risk of contracting a serious illness.

In recent weeks, U.S. school districts have reduced their COVID-19 precautions, even before the latest guidelines were released. Some promised to restore pre-pandemic school processes.

The CDC also removed the "test so you can stay" recommendation that students exposed to COVID-19 could undergo periodic testing (rather than home quarantine) to continue attending school. . As there is no longer any quarantine recommendation, the testing option also disappeared.

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