Putin prepares evacuation plans from Russia

Russia may already be preparing 'escape plans' for Putin in case the Russian army is defeated in Ukraine

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R. Gelfenstein - Sources inside the Kremlin say Vladimir Putin and his relatives have already made preparations to flee Russia if the invasion does not take hold and his army is defeated in Ukraine, according to the Daily Mail.

As his offensive on Donbass territory loses steam, as Ukraine rearms to regain Kherson and its collapsed economy, the Russian leader is "aware of the possibility of a sudden change of mood in the country" in the face of tension. of hostilities without further ado. conquests of the victims they leave in their wake.

Last week, General SVR reported that Putin suffered "severe nausea" during the night, with doctors at his bedside for about three hours. The State of Health of the Russian leader calls into question his ability to face future decisions.

Any plane that took Putin and his family out of Russia would be en route to the Syrian dictatorship, the closest friendly state whose leader, Bashar al-Assad, saved Putin by intervening in the Syrian civil war in 2015.

However, any flight from Russia to Syria would first have to occupy the airspace of NATO member Turkey.

If Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan were to deny permission for the plane carrying Putin and his family to enter his airspace, it would destroy the leader's fastest and possibly only escape route. Russian.

Iran would be another destination that the oligarch would consider favorably if his first option were thwarted, as it would prevent the invasion of Turkish airspace.

"In principle, it is advantageous for Iran and Turkey to keep the Russian president in exile in reserve, using him, as the case may be, as a lever or bargaining chip," the channel said.

As a prelude to his premeditated plan, Putin met with his Turkish and Iranian counterparts in Tehran earlier this month, ostensibly to discuss Syria.

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