Monkeys use rocks to masturbate

Scientists discover that monkeys use rocks as sex toys to masturbate

R. Gelfenstein - Scientists looked at a group of long-tailed monkeys in Indonesia and found that these monkeys masturbated, rubbed or touched their genitals with stones or stones, and showed signs of sexual activity and arousal.

In a study published in Ethology: International Journal of Behavioral Biology, scientists describe how the hitting behavior would be followed by a penile erection, or an erection already present would last much longer if the monkey hit stones on its genitals. .

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Despite the difficulty of measuring female sexual arousal due to the lack of obvious external changes, the researchers also found that the monkeys were selective regarding the shape and size of the stone they used to rub their genitals, preferring rough edges or angular shapes.

"The fact that no other model of stone manipulation has a temporal association with penile erection suggests that genital friction or hammering of stones are clearly motivated by sex, compared to other seemingly playful actions."

The presence of masturbation in the behavioral repertoire of a species is thought to coincide with the mating system of its social groups.

The observation of monkeys using stones to stimulate themselves is a rare case of an animal using a tool to aid in masturbation.

Animal masturbation has been observed in several species, including chimpanzees, dogs, and even porcupines. Primates, our closest animal cousins, have been observed to masturbate, though more often in captivity than in the wild.

The discovery of the use of tools for sexual pleasure is an unexplored and little observed behavior.

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