Liz Truss ready to push the nuclear button

Truss says she's ready to hit the nuclear button if elected UK prime minister

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein - British Foreign Secretary and leading Conservative candidate Liz Truss said Late Tuesday that she is "ready" to press the nuclear button if she is finally elected to replace Boris Johnson.

"I think it's an important duty as prime minister. I'm ready for it," she replied.

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was forced to resign as leader of the Conservative Party, after the cascade of resignations that occurred within his government because of the scandals in which he was involved, the best known being the "party gate" of his departure.

Whoever replaces him will be able to occupy the post of prime minister thanks to the large majority that the "Conservatives" have in the House of Commons, so in principle there is no early election. The next legislative elections are scheduled for January 2025.

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