Johnson & Johnson will suspend sales of its talc

This is the real reason why Johnson & Johnson is suspending sales of its talcum powders worldwide.

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

A. Gelfenstein - Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals said Thursday it will suspend sales of its baby powder globally in 2023, two years after doing so in the United States and Canada, which have been accused of thousands of complaints about the safety of the products.

In a brief note, the company said it made a "business decision" to replace cornstarch with talc in this baby product. Johnson & Johnson has received about 38,000 lawsuits linking its long-term use to the development of cancer, though it continues to deny it caused it.

In late 2018, reports emerged indicating that Johnson & Johnson had known for decades that its talc contained asbestos, a mineral similar in composition and characteristics to asbestos and with adverse health effects.

Since then, the company has faced thousands of lawsuits accusing the manufacturer of contributing to the development of ovarian cancer in consumers, an extreme that the drugmaker rejects and that costs millions of dollars in litigation each year.

"Our position on the safety of our cosmetic talc remains unchanged. We strongly support decades of scientific analysis by medical experts around the world confirming that Johnson talcum powder is safe, free from asbestos or cancer," the company said.

In mid-2021, the pharmaceutical laboratory removed from its distribution network five sunscreens developed by the neutrogena and Aveene brands to detect benzene in its composition, which is carcinogenic.

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