Japan wants them to drink more alcohol

Japan has a problem, its young people don't drink enough alcohol


R. Gelfenstein - The Japan Tax Agency has launched a competition to collect business ideas that aim to encourage greater alcohol consumption among young people, given the decrease in their consumption after the pandemic and the consequent decrease in tax collection.

Alcohol tax collection in Japan fell in fiscal year 2020 by 110 billion yen (799 million euros) to 1.13 billion yen (8.216 billion euros), the biggest drop in 31 years, according to data from the Tax Agency.

The average per capita expenditure on alcohol in bars and restaurants in 2020 was 9,000 yen (about $65), less than half of what was recorded a year earlier, according to Interior Ministry data.

On the other hand, the average expenditure of each Japanese household on alcoholic beverages went from 41,000 yen (298 euros) in 2019 to 46,000 yen (334 euros) in 2020.

Given the criticism that the campaign is receiving on social networks for promoting unhealthy habits, the spokesman stressed that the Tax Agency "does not seek excessive alcohol consumption and also works to educate young people about moderate consumption."

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