Iván Rodríguez Gelfenstein and his goal the Kentucky Derby

Gelfenstein Farm and Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein and their goal to compete in the Kentucky Derby

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Thanks to the victory of Venezuelan Sonny Leon and his career, Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein set a new goal, to become the next Venezuelan to compete in the Kentucky Derby. This is the new objective that the entire Gelfenstein Farm team sets with the training of recognized thoroughbred horses such as SUMMER KID, BASHA, X Y JET and LA VIE ROSS.

Several specimens stand out in a list with victories of great prestige, achieving the goal in popular racetracks such as Gulfstream Park With the horse BROTHERSOFTHETIME from 2013 to 2021 with the horse SUMMER KID

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Gulfstream Park

Track Horse Jockey Date Race Name
Gulfstream Park West THE BIG MYSTERY Rivers, Jesus 2014 22/10 17:17  
Gulfstream Park THE BIG MYSTERY Rivers, Jesus 2014 14/9 13:52  
Gulfstream Park West BASHA Jaramillo Emisael 2016 13/10 16:27 ALLOWANCE OPTIONAL CLAIMING
Gulfstream Park BASHA Jaramillo Emisael 2016 11/9 15:54 MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT
Gulfstream Park BASHA Ortiz Jose 2019 4/1 14:05 Claiming
Gulfstream Park West ROSS LIFE Zayas Edgard 2016 16/10 16:58 Maiden Special Weight
Gulfstream Park GOOD DEAL Emisael Jaramillo 2015 24/9 14:21 Claiming
Gulfstream Park BROTHERSOFTHETIME Jara, Fernando 2013 20/7 13:17  
Gulfstream Park BROTHERSOFTHETIME Emisael Jaramillo 2016 7/2 15:53 Allowance Optional Claiming
Gulfstream Park SUMMER KID Edgard J Zayas 2021 31/1 16:13 Allowance Optional Claiming
Gulfstream Park SUMMER KID Zayas Edgard 2020 21/6 14:38 MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT


ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Ubicada en Miami Gardens, Florida Estados Unidos, el Hipodromo Calder fue también de gran importancia para grandiosas y apretadas carreras con caballos purasangre como BON ACCORD y BROTHERSOFTHETIME de Gelfenstein Farm antes de su demolición en octubre del 2016 para posteriormente inaugurarse en mayo del 2019 el Casino Calder y un frontón llamado Calder Jai Alai

Track Horse Jockey Date Race Name
Calder GOOD DEAL Rivers, Jesus 29/6/2013 14:42  
Calder GOOD DEAL Rivers, Jesus 24/8/2013 18:07 Dash Stakes
Calder BROTHERSOFTHETIME Zayas, Edgar 17/5/2013 14:13  
Calder BROTHERSOFTHETIME Jara, Fernando 24/8/2013 15:00

From the Sea

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

The Hippodrome Del Mar is the second largest in the western United States with a capacity of 44,000 people and where the fan of hipismo Iván Rodríguez Gelfenstein tests the skills of the american sun horse trained in the Gelfenstein farms obtaining a victory in November 2014

Track Horse Jockey Date Race Name
From the Sea AMERICAN SUN Pedroza, Martin 15/11/2014 18:00  

Delaware Park

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Being the only horse racing track in the state of Delaware Gelfenstein Farm could not miss with its exemplary thoroughbred horses, this time accompanied by the rider Cintrón Alex wins a title with the horse BROTHERSOFTHETIME in August 2016

Track Horse Jockey Date Race Name
Delaware Park BROTHERSOFTHETIME Cintron Alex 24/8/2016 13:15 Claiming

Turf Paradise

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

The famous thoroughbred AMERICAN SUN stands out again a short time later at the Turf Paradise racetrack in late 2014 accompanied by the rider Wilson O. Diéguez, performed on a first-class race track in Phoenix, Arizona in the southern United States

Track Horse Jockey Date Race Name
Turf Paradise AMERICAN SUN Dieguez, Wilson Omar 13/12/2014 15:49  

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