Instagram trembles for the new BeReal social network

Instagram frightened by the sudden fame of the new social network BeReal and its anti-Instagram modalities

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

R. Gelfenstein - The social network BeReal broke download records in August and became the most downloaded app in the United States, has a large audience among Generation Z and its popularity has grown in recent months.

Its main feature is to exclude poses and encourage users to post a photo of themselves and their life without filters or image editing. Every day you get an alert to share your selfie and what's in front of you or around you at the same time.

The app, originally launched in 2019 and gaining popularity thanks to Instagram's settings to prioritize videos over photos, also invites users to take a photo with the device's front and rear cameras. call at a random time every day.

This seems to have triggered alerts on Instagram, as they realized they might be working on a similar feature. Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer known for reverse engineering applications, shared it on Twitter.

Instagram is testing a new feature called Candid Challenges, reminiscent of one of the features of BeReal, a photo-sharing app popular with Gen Z.

The idea is that at a different time the user has to take a photo of the surrounding environment, after the notification, the Instagram camera will also open with the triggers facing back and forth, giving users a two-minute window to take a photo. .

It feels very familiar, as the functionality seems almost identical to how BeReal works, a selfie app that has become a simpler and more authentic alternative to major social media platforms.

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