Dialogue between Zelensky and Xi Jinping

Zelensky wants to talk "directly" with Xi to end the war


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is looking for an opportunity to speak "directly" with Chinese President Xi Jinping and ask him to use his influence over Russia to end the war, he said in an interview. to Hong Kong's South China Morning newspaper. Article published on Thursday (08.04.2022).

"I'd like to talk to him," Zelensky said. He recalled having a conversation with Xi "a year ago" and that the Chinese leader is one of "the few world leaders who have visited Ukraine at least once."

In the first interview with Asian media, the Ukrainian leader said that China, in addition to being a "permanent member of the United Nations Security Council," is "a very powerful country with a powerful economy," a fact that "influences Russia."

Since the beginning of the conflict, China has maintained an ambiguous position in which it demanded respect for the "territorial integrity of all countries," including Ukraine, and attention to the "legitimate concerns of all countries," with reference to Russia.

Although he said he "understands that China maintains a balanced attitude towards the war," the Ukrainian president assured that the Russians "are the invaders" and said he trusts China to "review its attitude."

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