China sanctions those who favor Taiwan independence

The Chinese Communist Party on Tuesday announced sanctions against Taiwan's defenders

R. Gelfenstein - A spokesman for the office, in statements collected by Xinhua, explained that China has decided to impose punitive measures against several individuals, considered "intransigent elements of Taiwan's independence", "to safeguard the peaceful development of relations".

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

"For a time, a small number of supporters of 'Taiwan independence' went to great lengths to conspire with outside forces to carry out 'independence' provocations, deliberately provoking a confrontation on the other side of the strait and endlessly undermining peace and peace. Taiwan Strait," the spokesman said.

In addition, he added that the Asian giant "will never tolerate any act of division of the country, nor will it allow any outside force to interfere in the process of reunification of the homeland."

Therefore, he explained that these sanctions include the prohibition of entry of those sanctioned and their families to mainland China, as well as to "the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau." In addition, they will not be able to carry out economic activities in Chinese territory. "They will be accountable for their lives before the law," he said.

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