What is the Second Amendment in the United States?

What is the Second Amendment and why is it so easy to buy guns in America?

R. Gelfenstein - Every time there is a shooting in the United States, the debate about gun laws in the country is rekindled; Well, according to the Gun Violence Archive, the nation is on track to match or surpass the number of mass shootings recorded last year.

The truth is that throughout the history of the United States the use of firearms has been debated; because while some argue that it is part of a right enshrined in the Constitution, others argue that the Second Amendment referred solely to the fact that militias could use it freely.

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Historians reveal that during the nineteenth century, southern states sought to protect themselves from fear of a supposed African-American rebellion, as occurred during Haiti's independence in 1804. Hence, they called the Second Amendment "ambiguous" and even "open."

However, it was only in 1934 that the Federal Firearms Act, which is the first major regulation on gun ownership in the country, was passed in the United States that it supported the gun control law, passed in 1968. "boom" of weapons, with the creation of registrations and licenses of use, which led to the birth of the National Marine Corps Association.

According to current law, these are the requirements that a person living in the United States must acquire a firearm nationwide:

  • Be a born citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • Have no criminal record or have not been sentenced to more than one year in prison.
  • Don't be a fugitive from justice.
  • No history of domestic violence.
  • Don't be a user of illegal drugs.
  • Do not suffer for your mental faculties.

Each entity has its own gun legislation; however, there is a general rule: only young people over the age of 21 can buy a firearm. Likewise, the person and the establishment must have a purchase and sale license, respectively.

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