Shooting in Highland Park in the US state of Illinois.

Shooting with dead in Illinois at the celebration of July 4: at least 5 dead and 16 injured

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

R. Gelfenstein - Shooting with victims in the United States. At least 5 people have died and 16 have been injured in Highland Park, in the state of Illinois, has occurred during one of the parades on the occasion of the national holiday of July 4.

"I heard 20 to 25 shots, which were in quick succession. So it couldn't have been just a gun or a shotgun," some of the witnesses say.

The videos recorded by the parade attendees give an account of the incident, showing images of people running when the shots were heard, just 10 minutes after the party began.

Police are asking people to leave the scene while patrolling the area with rifles.

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