Sharks terrorize Florida beaches

Shark attacks man swimming in Florida, third victim in less than a month

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Gelfenstein - The rise in temperature off the coast of Florida favors the presence of sharks near the beach, where some people were injured by the bites.

State officials report that in the first seven months of the year there were six shark attacks, the latest in Volusia County.

On Monday afternoon, a 33-year-old Orlando man was swimming near shore when a shark suddenly bit his foot.

Soon after, he fell to the ground and immediately went to a nearby hospital so that the fierce shark's wound could heal to prevent infections in his body.

The attack follows that of a Miami surfer who was also bitten on the foot by a two-meter shark off New Smyrna Beach earlier this month.

In this sense, some marine biologists agree that the peak of this year's shark bite season has been anticipated, since according to the Florida Shark Attack File, August and September are the months with the highest number of bite events. Episodes are recorded historically. shark-human violence, most of which occurs off the coast of Volusia County.

For its part, the rescue service of the beach recommends swimming with a lifeguard and, if possible, not entering the water alone.

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