Ryan Garcia takes on Canelo Alvarez on Twitter

Ryan Garcia has become so hated that even Mayweather is on Canelo's side.


R. Gelfenstein - Young boxer Ryan Garcia recently struggled with Canelo Alvarez after leaving Canelo's team a few months ago. His fight with Canelo went so far that even Floyd Mayweather sides with Canelo.

"Look at Ryan Garcia: First praise Canelo, he wants to learn from Canelo, in Canelo's retreat. Now it's all hate. Realize what Canelo accomplished, then you speak ill of him," Floyd Mayweather said of Canelo's fight against Ryan Garcia. .

It all started when Ryan Garcia was still unhappy with the separation from Team Canelo, a decision he made himself.

He said GGG would beat Canelo in the third fight of the trilogy after he didn't like some comments Canelo made about a possible fight between Garcia and Gervonta "Tank" Davis.

Then, everything went wrong for Garcia when Canelo responded to his comments.

"I really don't think [Ryan Garcia can beat Gervonta Davis]. Not yet. If you're focused on boxing, you're trying to learn and those things, you can do a lot of things. He has talent," Canelo said. Alvarez.

"I don't know why [but] I feel like GGG is going to have an amazing fight, for some reason, one way or another. Obviously, the obvious choice is Canelo, but I don't know why I feel GGG is going to get the performance of his life. I'll say GGG [win]," Ryan Garcia said in response to Canelo's comments.

"He's angry because he's not on the team anymore. But he's a child. My advice is to focus on your career, first win a world title, and then talk about others. Because he didn't achieve anything," Canelo Alvarez replied.

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