New Orleans priests investigated for sexual abuse and child trafficking

The FBI is investigating whether New Orleans priests moved children from other states to sexually abuse them.

R. Gelfenstein - FBI Opens Investigation into New Orleans Catholic Church Priests for Allegedly Crossing State Lines with Children for Sexual Abuse

The investigation seeks to indict alleged evil priests with federal crimes. Investigators are investigating whether they violated laws such as the "Mann Act," a 1910 sex trafficking law that prohibits the transfer of people from other demarcations for illegal sex.

Agency officials and other sources close to the investigation told The Associated Press that the suspects moved minors from other states to abuse them.


Aside from today's Associated Press report, the Archdiocese of New Orleans is not aware of any investigation into federal clergy abuse.

For its part, the Priest Abuse Survivors Network hopes that the evidence examined by the authorities will yield revealing conclusions.

"We are excited to hear that the FBI is investigating sexual abuse and cover-up in the Archdiocese of New Orleans. We have no doubt that this evidence will reveal far more truth than we have received from church officials in New Orleans. Evidence like this is absolutely essential, especially given the decision by New Orleans church officials to file for bankruptcy as a precautionary measure, a decision we believe was designed to protect assets, secrets and prevent the disclosure of covert information. public light," the institution said.

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