Map of the hottest countries in the world

Heat waves affect much of the planet, here are some events that occurred in these two months

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein - NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States) published a report in which it reveals that between June and July 2022 several heat waves hit Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, reaching temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. .

In the case of Western Europe, the US news agency stressed that in addition to the drought that the region is experiencing, "the heat wave stoked the fires that devastated Portugal, Spain and parts of France." On July 13, temperatures reached 45 degrees Celsius in the city of Leiria, Portugal, where more than 3,000 hectares were burned in at least 14 fires.

In Italy, record heat contributed to the collapse of part of the Marmolada glacier, the highest mountain in the Dolomites. The avalanche of snow, ice and rocks caused by this phenomenon killed 11 hikers. In the UK, the Met Office has issued warnings of intense heat, which is expected to break records.

In North Africa, Tunisia's capital reached a maximum temperature of 48 degrees Celsius, breaking a 40-year record. In Iran, temperatures remained high in July, recording 52 degrees Celsius.

According to Steven Pawson, head of the Space Flight Center's Office of Modeling and Assimilation, NASA studies concluded that "greenhouse gas emissions from human activity cause extreme weather conditions that affect our living conditions." Goddard of the Agency.

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