Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe assassinated live

The alleged killer of the former Japanese prime minister a few meters away before shooting him while giving a speech

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

R. Gelfenstein - They show Shinzo Abe, the longest-serving leader in Japan, starting an election speech in western Nara, smiling as those around him applaud.

A few steps from the 67-year-old leader is an innocent-looking masked man wearing military-style trousers and a shoulder bag.

Minutes after the politician began his speech, the same man, identified as disgruntled 41-year veteran Tetsuya Yamagami, approached Abe and shot him dead in an attack that drew immediate condemnation from leaders around the world. the world.

Abe is then shown fainting on the street, with security guards rushing towards him as he removes the blood-stained shirt over his chest.

Shinzo Abe fainted after being shot twice and doctors couldn't stop him from bleeding to death.

A large two-barreled bomb is seen on the ground nearby, appearing to be a homemade weapon, which explains how Abe could be shot in a country with some of the strictest gun laws in the world.

The former prime minister was flown to hospital for emergency treatment, but was not breathing and his heart stopped.

Doctors fought to save Abe, but he died at 5:03 p.m. M. local time, about five and a half hours after being shot.

He bled to death from two deep wounds, one on the right side of his neck, a doctor said at a nationally televised news conference. The former boss had no vital signs when he was taken away.

NHK reported that the suspect served in the Maritime Self-Defense Force for three years in the 2000s and told police he "got frustrated with the former prime minister and attacked Abe with the intention of killing him."

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was the country's most prominent politician of the past decade, belonged to the Liberal Democratic Party and hoped to revalidate his large majority in japan's parliament.

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