Anesthesiologist rapes a woman in the middle of a cesarean section

Anesthesiologist recorded putting genitals in the mouth of a woman sedated during cesarean section in Brazil (VIDEO FUERTE)

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein anesthesiologist rapes woman in middle of a cesarean section

R. Gelfenstein - In the early hours of Monday, July 11, anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra was arrested at the scene for raping a patient who had been anesthetized for a cesarean section.

The abuse took place at the vilar dos Teles women's hospital in the municipality of Baixada, Fluminense, Brazil; and was denounced by local officials, who searched the attacker.

In the footage, Quintella is seen placing his genitals in the mouth of the patient, who is sedated during caesarean section.

The medical staff of the hospital was already suspicious of the anesthesiologist's behavior, mainly because of the large number of sedatives he applied to pregnant patients.

Charged with the crime of rape of a vulnerable person, Quintella Bezerra faces sentences ranging from 8 to 15 years in prison. In addition, according to the civil police, the doctor who participated in the cesarean section will also be called to testify.

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