Zelensky fires the head of security in the Kharkov

Zelensky fires the head of security of the Kharkiv region "for not having worked to defend the city and thinking only of himself"


R, Gelfenstein, Volodymyr Zelensky said in his closing speech Sunday night that he fired the region's security chief "for not working in defense of the city from the early days of a full-scale war, but thinking only of himself," noting that a third of this region in the northeast of the country is still occupied by the Russian army.

Kharkov is close to the border with Russia and is one of the Ukrainian cities hardest hit by Russian missiles, with entire neighborhoods destroyed, thus much of the nearly two million residents of the city's metropolitan area. , which is the second largest in Ukraine after the capital, Kyiv.

In addition, the Ukrainian president admitted that in the Donbass "Russia was very close. It gathered many forces... I was very prepared for the offensive there."

He added that the Russian attacks on Severodonetsk meant the destruction of all essential infrastructure in the city, with 90% of the houses damaged. More than two-thirds of the city's homes were completely destroyed. There is no mobile connection."

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