Washington shooting at Moechella festival

Washington shooting at Moechella festival leaves teenager dead and three injured VIDEO


R. Gelfenstein - A new shooting was recorded this Sunday in the United States, more precisely during a music festival in Washington. A 15-year-old boy was killed in the incident and three people were injured.

The shooting came after two violent incidents during an unauthorized concert that forced police to shut down the event, District of Columbia Commander Robert Contee told reporters.

Washington Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee said the injured were taken to a medical facility where they are stable. Among them, two adults and a policeman who was shot in the lower limb.

Contee said there was no exchange of bullets and that the gun has not yet been recovered.

It's also unclear why the young man was hit by a bullet, but prior to the incident, police seized two guns near the scene and were chasing a man with an unlicensed gun, police said.

Several videos on social media showed footage of the show before the incidents and subsequent fights.

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